Marching Bandies Memories #5

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Last season we had a guy from scouts come and help us and he was very attractive and at a competition I was fixing my hair before we go on field and I put my flute between my legs to hold it and when I turned around the end of my flute hit his butt and he turns around and goes “oh!” And just looks at me and I just stare at him with the deer in headlights look until I finally pull myself together and scream sorry in his face.

This is absolutely great :D thanks for sharing aha! we also have people come help us but they aren’t that attractive xD

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Marching Bandies Memories #4

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So actually, I am the same person that submitted the #1 Marching Band Memory, but I changed my embarrassing moment because it just came back to me last night and I just laughed so much. Gahh. It’s a long one.

So, it was actually during Concert season last year and my Band and I were at MPA (a music competition) and during break or intermission I wanted a mint, because on the desk where they hand out the programs, they had a bowl of lifesavers. Forgetting the rule of no eating, my friend Sabrina let me take a mint and we walked into the auditorium, so our sound magnified and the lights were on. Anyways, I was talking to her while walking down the aisle to get our seats and I started choking on the mint and she didn’t even notice!

After a few minutes, I was crying and choking and I couldn’t spit it out and I couldn’t breathe and my face was red and she suddenly turned to me and looked at me and I was trying not to laugh because it would make me choke harder. I wasn’t revived the entire time I was choking, but I had to like shove spit down my throat to get it to go down and it was so humiliating.

So then she turned to me and, with a bright smile, said “Oh, looks like I can tell Travis you like him now because you can’t stop me.” and I made ‘no’ motions knowing she wasn’t kidding so then she said “then do you want to do the Heimlich Maneuver so you can spit it up and hit Travis so you’ll have to hide in your room from embarrassment.” (Travis was a senior and sitting 2 rows away with his friends so maybe he was paying attention to me, maybe not; it was the awkward freshman has a senior crushie and Sabrina was a sophomore.)

The announcer then came on the speaker thing and intermission was over so I had to sit in the dark for 30 minutes and pushed the mint down my throat and it took 30 minutes to push it down to my stomach and the opening in my throat hurt, (but I had already played that day, so we stayed for Sym.1, so I really didn’t care.)

Anyways, this is getting really long and even more embarrassing and funny now that I think about it. I still remember the date of it (Feb. 28, 2014- Friday) Uhm, this is also why I don’t eat mints or life savers. This is also why I get nervous around peppermints as well. If you want to threaten or hurt me, just shove a mint in my mouth! That’s my embarrassing band moment of all time. I hope you enjoyed this. :D


hahahaha oh my! thats just great! im really sorry for the choking part :c choking on life savers really defeats the purpose of ‘life saving’! thanks for submitting though you are open to send more or anytime you want, you are great c: really thanks again though!

Are you a band kid? Send your memories here, i will be making them into posts and picking my top ten and giving shoutouts!